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    Processing your own deer, beef, pork or game meat can save you money; and with the right tools and seasonings can give you the most delicious savory jerky, steaks, hamburgers, cubed steaks, and sausages you've ever eaten.

    Do-it-yourself meat processing can seem intimating at first, but we've been in business since 1985 and have all the tools, supplies and expertise you need. Our products include instructions that are tried and true, so whether you are a beginner or expert, Home-processor is your one stop shop.

    Look around our site to view our long list of Legg's Old Plantation Seasonings, marinade chambers, smokers and dehydrators. We carry all the best brands from Weston to Jaccard.

    Whether you are canning, freezing, smoking, dehydrating... however you plan home food storage - we've got what you need


    FEATURED PRODUCT: Legg's Old Plantation Sausage Seasoning. 

    Looking for a way to make your own delicious homemade sausage? Try our Sausage Seasonings. Delicious sausage seasonings for deer or hog. It will be a terat your who family will enjoy.  Seasoning

    If you are looking for the perfect give for the fisherman in your family, consider a slick skin fish scaler.  Our scalers make easy work of scaling fish. No more scraped knuckles or hours of hand scaling. To order, click here: Fish Processing  


    With the warmer weather, thoughts turn to cookouts and outdoor family gatherings.

    Getting ready for the outdoor cooking season?  We can help make it a little easier.  Check out our hamburger patty makers molds and presses.  >>>

    Looking for ways to make your venison or other meats tender and delicious?

    Home-processor.com offers many tools and spices to bring out the flavor of your meats. 

    A chimney cap can keep squirrels and small animals out of your chimney.

    Home-processor offers several chimneyy caps to protect your chimney from the elements Squirrel's nests in your fireplace pose a serious fire hazard, so keeping the chimney free of debris is very important. Click our "heaters" link below to learn more .

    Looking for some extra kick for your venison sausage?  Check our our spices, and other meat processing products. They're sure to please!


    Want to make your own jerky?  We've got the equipment you need. >>>
    Meat Grinders & Acc.
     - Meat grinders
     - Meat grinder attachments
     - Meat grinders plates & knives
    Hamburger & Patty Molds
     - Hamburger molds & presses
     - Hamburger patty makers
    Hand Grinders
     - Hand-turn meat grinders
       and accessories
     - Manual wheat grass juicer
     - Poppy seed grinder
     - Multi-grain mill
    Meat Cubers
     - Meat cubers & tenderizers
    Meat Saws & Blades
     - Hand saws and blades
       for meat processing
     - Electric meat T-bone saws
       and blades
     - Jarvis Wellsaw &
     - Meat slicers for thin and
        thick cuts
     - Boning knives and cutlery
     - Butcher knives
     - Sharpening items
     - Cut resistant gloves
     - Delicious variety of sausage seasonings for easy at-home sausage making
    Sausage/Jerky Items
     - Sausage stuffers
     - Sausage casings
     - Sausage-making supplies
     - Jerky-making supplies
     - Meat mixers
     - Meat dehydratros
     - Jerky seasonings
    Wrapping, Packaging 
     - Vacuum sealers and bags
     - Meat wrapping
     - Meat Packaging
     - Meat labeling supllies
    Vacuum Machines
    Curing & Smoking Supplies
     - Meat curing
     - Meat smoking
     - Bacon Hooks
     - Netting
     - Curing and smoking how-to
     - Meat scales
     - Food scales
    Misc. Supplies
     - Butchering supplies
     - Butcher aprons
     - Butcher frocks
     - Disposable aprons
    Fish Processing   
     - Fish fryer
     - Fish scaler
     - Fish skinner
     - Fish knives
     - Fish brine mix
     - Fish seasoning mix
     - Fish scales
     - Fish safety gloves
     - Fish meat sealer
    Hydralic Stuffers
    Poultry Processing  
    Replacement Parts for Meat Processing Equipment
    Canning/Food Prep Supplies/How To Books
    Used Equipment   
    Seafood Corner
    Taco's - Baking - Roasting - Cooking Supplies
    Breakfast Table
    Videos & Books
    Gifts and Decor for the Hunter
    Gifts and Decor for the Fisherman
    Hunting & Fishing Supplies
    Multi-Use Trailers 
    Commercial Food Service Equipment & Supplies

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    Home Meat Grinders & Acc. Hamburger & Patty Molds Hand Grinders Meat Cubers Meat Saws & Blades
    Slicers Cutlery Seasoning Sausage/Jerky Items Wrapping, Packaging & Vacuum Machines
    Curing & Smoking Supplies Scales Misc. Supplies Aprons Fish Processing   Hydralic Stuffers
    Poultry Processing       Replacement Parts for Meat Processing Equipment

    Marinades Canning/Food Prep Supplies/How To Books Used Equipment   
    Seafood Corner Taco's - Baking - Roasting - Cooking Supplies Breakfast Table

    New Products

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    Gifts and Decor for the Hunter
    Gifts and Decor for the Fisherman
       Hunting & Fishing Supplies   
       Multi-Use Trailers   
    Commercial Food Service Equipment & Supplies

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